English, Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Moldavian, Czech, Slovak 
Aнглийский, Pусский, Украинский, Белорусский, Молдавский, Чешский, Словацкий


  • Certificates: Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce / Свидетельствa  о: рождении, смерти, браке, разводе
  • Passports, Name Change Certificate / Паспорт, Изменение имени
  • Green Cards / Карта резидента
  • Diplomas / Дипломы (Cover/Корочка )
  • Immunization & Vaccination Records / Иммунизация и вакцинация
  • Social Security Card / Карта социального страхования

from $20



  • Driver License / Bодительские права
  • Transcript, Academic Records / Аттестат, Учебные выписки, транскрипты
  • Subject Descriptions / Описание предметов
  • Additional Notarized copy of translated document / Дополнительнaя нотариально заверенная копия переведенного документа
  • Verification of Translation of a document from one language to another (per page, document), certification and notarization / Свидетельствование верности перевода документов с одного языка на другой язык (за каждую страницу, документ)

from $25



from $15


  • Translation services are normally processed within 48-72 hours. For rush services there is $5 extra fee for every document /page translated. 
  • It is your responsibility to call the institution that requires translation from you and verify with them if they do not have specific translation company that they want the translations to be prepared. If they do, you must do translation through that company only. The price includes certified translation and notarization where it is necessary. 
  • If there are no special requests for‎ translation of FIRST/LAST NAMES, GEOGRAPHIC NAMES, BUSINESS / ORGANIZATION NAMES as well as any other PROPER NOUNS, translation is made at translator’s discretion. In such a case, no proper noun translation claims are admitted.
  • Mail service is available. The translated/notarized documents can be mailed to any US location for additional fee.
  • Delivery of‎ documents is available from $10 in Brooklyn area and from $35 in Manhattan.